Garage Door is Opening on it’s own?

Quite often we receive calls from customers saying their garage door is opening on it’s own.

This is reasonably common and there are usually a few likely culprits. The first thing to ascertain is whether the garage door is hitting the ground and bouncing back open (common with Guardian, Boss, Gliderol and Merlin openers) or whether it is opening on it’s own at random times of the day/night.

Once this is ascertained we can delve into the likely causes.

In the first scenario, where the door is hitting the ground and bouncing back open this is common with older models of opener such as the Guardian 21230L, Merlin 230T and Gliderol GTS. This is often caused by worn drive gears, limit switches or faulty circuit boards. You will need to call a professional garage door company such as us in order to repair this.

For the second scenario this can be caused by a faulty remote control, a stray signal being locked into the memory of the auto opener or a faulty logic board. The first two causes can be diagnosed and repaired DIY and you should do the following :

: Delete the remote memory of your auto opener. This usually entails holding down a ‘learn’ or ‘code’ button for a set period of time but each model and make differs slightly and we recommend that you consult your owners manual for instruction on how to perform this step. After performing this step none of your remote controls should operate the door.

: Re – pair your remote controls with the opener one at a time. This process will usually eliminate any stray signals that have been locked in. Inspect your remote controls for signs that the indicator light is staying on, damage or water ingress. If you suspect that your remote control is putting out a signal despite the button not being pressed it may be best to replace it (take the battery out and bin it) or call for professional help. We carry signal detectors that can test for stray and interference signals.

If this fails to fix the issue your problem is most likely due to a faulty logic board. There are various options to fix this that require professional help. These may include disabling the receiver memory and fitting an external receiver, replacing the faulty circuit board or replacing the opener all together. Newer generation garage door openers are much less likely to encounter these issues as technology has evolved to eliminate all of the above issues. Features such as electronic limit setting and rolling code receivers make garage doors openers these days much more reliable than in the past.

Contact us should you require any service assistance or would like to discuss your options.