Garage Door Spring Repairs

As the mornings start to get cooler around this time of year we start to receive calls regarding garage door spring repairs.

Garage door springs often break in the cooler temperatures because the steel that they are made of becomes more brittle. This, coupled with metal fatigue from twisting over the years finally finishes them off and they usually break.

Broken torsion spring - Garage Door

If your garage door spring has broken you may notice that your door only opens a few centimetres and then stops. This is because the springs lift most of the weight of the door and the automatic opener has recognised that there is a problem. It is important you do not continue to use the automatic opener whilst having a broken torsion spring because it will put the opener under a huge amount of strain. This can damage the internal components such as drive gears and the motor.

You may also realise that trying to lift the door in manual is hard work. That’s because on average each spring will lift 50 – 60kg of door weight. If one is broken you have to lift the same weight.

Call a Technician as soon as possible and have it repaired . We generally advise that new springs are fitted and even if only one is broken that the set be replaced. This is because the other spring/springs are likely to break in the near future also. They would usually be the same age and have completed the same amount of cycles. If you only decide upon replacing the broken one you could be stuck inside your garage again in a matter of days with the same issue on the other spring/springs.

Generally a set of torsion springs will last 7 – 15 years. Considering the average garage door will operate 4 cycles per day that is around 1500 times per year or 15,000 times over 10 years. We give warranties on all our springs and use only tried and tested parts from reputable suppliers such as Aus Garage Door Parts.

So if your garage door spring has broken or you think they might break soon (rust is a good indicator) give us a call and we can help with any garage door spring repairs or replacements. Please be sure to also check out our other services.

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