Garage Remote Stolen?

If your Garage Remote has been lost or Stolen don’t panic!

Unfortunately, sometimes we receive calls from customers that have had the terrible experience of getting their garage remote stolen. Sometimes from their home or car or maybe they dropped it whilst out walking.

They are often a bit worried and they would like to know what to do.

The worry is understandable, as whomever now has your remote control also has access to your garage and you should act fast to secure it.

When people call us and are in this situation we usually advise them to turn off the power to their garage door opener right away as this immediately secures the garage again.

All garage door openers have a lock feature that means if the power goes out they are automatically locked by the drive motor.

Next we book an attendance by one of our highly trained Service Technicians who will attend your home, delete the memory on your automatic opener and reprogram any existing remote controls you have. We can also supply new remote controls at the same time too if you like.

This can all usually be completed on the same day to remove the worry the customer can feel and get your garage secure again. If you need to go out before we arrive you can usually switch the power back on, get your vehicle out, close the door and then walk back in the garage through the house and switch the power off again.

Whilst we are onsite we ALWAYS conduct a safety check and look over your garage door for any issues that may be about appear.

We carry replacement remotes on board for brands such as Jaytech, Avanti, Centurion, Dominator, B&D, Merlin, Steel Line, Guardian, Boss, ATA, Gliderol and many more.

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