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Should I replace my garage door opener or Repair it?

Today, we’ll help you make a decision to the question “should I replace my garage door opener or repair it?”

Often when attending site we get asked “Should I repair my garage door opener or replace it?” The answer we give differs on the circumstances.

guardian 21230L. We are asked should i replace my garage door opener or repair it?
Guardian 21230l is a common garage door opener used in Perth. It is susceptible to worn drive gears which make the chain look loose.

As a general guide we will recommend replacing the opener over repairing it if one or more of these points are applicable to your current garage door opener:

  • It is older than 8 years
  • It is an AC driven motor
  • Replacement parts are not available
  • The cost of repair is close or exceeds replacement
  • The condition, age and cost of the remote controls means they will be expensive
  • How often the garage door is used throughout the day
  • It is noisy

We always give our advice based on experience but ultimately the decision is up to the customer whether to replace or repair.

There are many instances where replacing the opener with a brand new one is a better solution to repairing the existing one. To give an example, an opener we often come across is the B&D Control a Door 4 . One of the common faults we come across with this unit is a worn out drive sprocket. We can fit a new drive sprocket kit, but in our opinion replacing the opener is the better option because of the following

  • Common other faults on this unit are blown circuit boards for which there are no longer replacement parts available. So the scenario could be that you pay out money for a new sprocket kit only to find that in 6 months the circuit board goes and the unit has to be scrapped anyway
  • They are very noisy
  • Your remotes are likely to need replacing soon also

In this circumstance, it’s just not economically superior to repair the unit with more possible faults just around the corner.

Most customers can see the sense in replacing the opener at this stage as you have the benefit of

  • 7 year warranty on the new unit
  • New remote controls
  • Much quieter, smoother operation
  • Newer units are much more energy efficient

We recommend a good quality replacement opener such as those manufactured by Jaytech Garage Door Openers with local parts and service backup.

If you’d like to speak to a Professional regarding new garage door openers, or if we can help answer the question “should I replace my garage door opener or repair it?” by phone or email. Please contact us or check out our garage door repair services page.

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