New Garage door opener

Tilt & Sectional Garage Door Openers

In most cases we can repair a broken garage door opener on the spot but sometimes you may opt to replace it. We carry both replacement parts and new garage door openers in our vans and can give you the information to make an informed choice. in 99% of cases we will have your garage door up and running smoothly on the same day as it broke down!

Roller Door Openers

We carry roller door openers to door sizes from single car garage, through to light Industrial roller doors. We only use the best brands such as Jaytech and Merlin but we carry a huge range of spare parts to suit other brands also such as Avanti, B&D, Dominator, Centurion, Steel Line, ATA , Guardian 21230L, Gliderol & SEIP TM60

Garage Door Cable Off Or Springs Broken

If your garage door has come out of it’s tracks or is looking wonky we can help! This is one of the most common problems we encounter and is usually less expensive and quicker to fix than most people think it will be. If your garage door spring is broken we can replace it on the same day. We use special software to work out the correct springs size for the weight and size of your garage door and we carry a complete set of replacement springs for both sectional and tilt doors onboard.

General Garage Door Servicing & Repairs

Most people have no idea how important servicing a garage door is until something major goes wrong. Regular garage door servicing can actually save you a lot of money! Not to mention having your car stuck in the garage at the worst possible time. Our General Service includes a full check list of items we address and you receive a copy of what was completed.

Garage Door Drive Sprockets

There are 2 main openers on the market that tend to wear out drive sprockets. They are the B&D Control a door and the Guardian 2130L (sometimes branded Boss, Modern or Centurion too) . A drive sprocket on these openers usually lasts between 7 and 15 years depending on use and how well the garage door has been maintained. You might need a replacement if your chain looks loose. We carry genuine replacement sprockets for both of these models and are experts at not only replacing them, but making sure there are no other contributing factors that have caused premature wear.

Expert Garage Door Repairs In Perth

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