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Perth Garage Door Repair

We perform garage door repairs to all makes and models across Perth. We carry a full range of springs, hinges, remotes, auto openers and parts to suit all models
Garage Door Servicing Perth

Perth Garage Door Servicing

Servicing your garage door is important. Fix minor faults and prevent major faults. Book in our comprehensive service today!
Jaytech 1200 V4

New Garage Door Openers

We carry a range of new garage door openers to suit sectional, roller and tilt doors from brands such as Jaytech and Merlin
Garage Door Remotes Perth

Garage Door Remotes

We carry a full range of genuine and aftermarket remotes to suit B&D, Avanti, Dominator, Merlin, Jaytech, Guardian, Boss, Gliderol and many others
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We have combined experience in the garage door industry of more than 50 years!
Our staff are experienced in Garage Door Repairs, Servicing, Installation, Custom manufacturing, Parts & Remote Controls for Sectional Garage Doors, Roller Doors and Tilt Doors of all brands.
If your garage door is stuck, noisy, broken, lop sided, has come off the tracks, you need a remote control or any Perth Garage Door Repair contact us today! Read more About Us
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Garage Door Springs replacement is one of the most common repairs we perform. All Garage Door Springs break eventually as they suffer from metal fatigue. We carry a complete range of replacement springs on board.


It is common for the drive sprocket on some older garage door openers to wear out. This is especially common on the Guardian 21230L and B&D CAD 4. We have new, genuine replacement drive gear kits and are experienced in their replacement to get your door up and running again.


Torsion cables are a very important component of your garage door. When they break they can not only cause inconvenience, but sometimes major damage. We recommend to replace them when they are rusty or frayed.


We supply and install only the best quality garage door openers with long warranties and smooth operation from leading brands such as Jaytech and Merlin


We stock a huge range of garage door remotes to suit Jaytech, Merlin, B&D, Dominator, Avanti, Centurion, ATA, Guardian, Boss and many others


Servicing your garage door periodically is important! Most people don't realise this until it is too late. We regularly see garage doors that are ruined because of a lack of maintenance. Servicing your garage door effectively costs you nothing because it can prevent some very major problems.

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